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This may be done by contacting me directly at Please have the same consideration for any of the content that has been contributed by others. I am occasionally asked what are some key tips, in simple terms, for running a good event from the technical point of view. My most popular post to date has been the one about determining horizontal stage size for an event. Event planners often have trouble determining how many guests can fit into a specific room. Ms. Sautter might still be making just a few select costumes if it were not for an unexpected encounter in 1993. Five women work with her year-round, but the number rises to 20 just before Carnival, the two weeks of festivities that end as the penitential season of Lent begins.

The final day of the carnival in Venice was traditionally acknowledged as a last hurrah to gluttony and excess before the 40 days of lent began. Luckily for her guests, Sautter continues this custom through Il Ballo del Doge, which promises an indulgent Venetian banquet. Each year, Michelin-starred chefs are charged with putting an experimental spin on the sumptuous feasts of the original 18th century Venice masked ball. Each course is meticulously crowned with a crisp glass of champagne or an imaginative mixologist creation, shaken with luxury liquors. The presentation of the food is outshone only by the lavish table settings and their dazzling centrepieces. The grandeur of the setting is matched by the luxurious costumes of the guests, who become part of the art through their extravagant attire.

Beyond the palace’s gothic façade, a hedonistic wonderland awaits; chiselled acrobats descend onto clouds of feathered headpieces and 18th century characters come alive. This is Il Ballo del Doge, the surreal soirée where fantasy and reality rub shoulders and tradition and innovation dance hand in hand. The evening will begin with a welcome cocktail, followed by a delicious dinner specially created by a top-rated chef.

In addition to haute couture, she organizes luxury weddings in Venice and private events worldwide applying her distinguished style. With more comfort than Deluxe rooms and presenting picturesque views over the stone-lined wall of the city or the hotel, Grand Deluxe rooms are an oasis of calm in which to unwind after a day exploring Venice. The interiors are characterized by a soothing color palette of dawn tones, thick wool carpet and exquisite layers of Venetian detailing. If desired, several of the rooms can connect with adjoining Grand Delux Rooms, a Luxury Grand Canal View Room, or a St. Regis Suite. Avant-garde in outlook and revolutionary in design, the hotel is an expression of the cultural curiosity of Venice and the innovation of the modern-day against a pedigreed backdrop.

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Il Ballo del Doge(The Doge’s Ball) is the most elegant and exclusive Venetian masquerade ball, one of the many events held annually during the Carnival of Venice. The ball itself is held in the 15th Century Venetian palace of Palazzo Pisani Moretta, situated on the Grand Canalin Venice. The ball’s name derives from the title of the elected heads who ruled Venice up until the fall of the Venetian republic in the 18th Century. Every year the ball is attended by around four hundred guests dressed in period costumeand masked. Every year, set designs are created for a specific theme, each bringing its own emotion and spirit. Past themes have included ‘’The Magnificent Ephemeral’’, ‘’Carnival Rhapsody’’ and ‘’Rebirth and Celebration’’.

If you are interested, send us an email with your request and we will put you in touch with the atelier. Enjoy a delicious dinner specially designed by an expert chef, with a menu that revisits the flavors and products of Italian tradition with a contemporary key. I am going to have coffee tomorrow afternoon with someone who came back from a week in….Venice.

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Guests, wearing their costumes, reach the venue in the heart of Venice and fall immediately into a fantastic world made of luxurious decorations, never ending artistic shows, exclusive foods and drinks. Costumed guests arrive for The Secret Garden of Dreams, a themed evening at the 23rd edition of Antonia Sautter’s “Il Ballo del Doge” masked ball… This amazing event is world-famous for its intriguing costumes, distinctive Venetian masks and many related entertaining activities taking place in Venice during that period, transforming the already unique city into something super magical. This year’s theme for the spectacle will be Il Gioco, l’Amore et la Follia which translates into Game, Love and Folly. Imagine taking part in one of the most exclusive social appointments in the world, albeit a fantasy world where imagination takes over as you enter a sumptuous world resembling that of the Venetian aristocracy. If there is one certainty, this will be an evening that you will remember for the rest of your life, if not only for the fabulous costume that will gain you entry.

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With their focus on concepts such as provocation, folly, miracle and sin, all themes are akin in their unapologetic endorsement of indulgence and playful transgression. Through her unconventional production, Sautter creates an intoxicating new world, where the weird is welcomed and the outlandish encouraged. The theme for 2022, the 28th edition of this masked ball in Venice, is Amor Opus Magnum, promising a night entirely dedicated to love. Il Ballo del Doge (“The Doge’s Ball”) is a Venetian masquerade ball, one of the many events held annually during the Carnival of Venice. The ball itself is held in the 15th-century Venetian palace of Palazzo Pisani Moretta, situated on the Grand Canal in Venice. The ball’s name derives from the title of the elected heads (Doge, “Duke” in English) who ruled Venice up until the fall of the Venetian republic in the 18th century.

  • Her passion for the creative arts, costume history, textiles and ancient techniques of tailoring has catapulted Sautter to become known as a distinguished Italian celebrity.
  • Don’t forget to wear your best period costume, which is mandatory to join the party.
  • The final day of the carnival in Venice was traditionally acknowledged as a last hurrah to gluttony and excess before the 40 days of lent began.

Located in the historic center of Venice near St Mark’s Square, the Atelier Antonia Sautter holds more than 1500 period costumes personally designed and created by the designer, a representation of her unique imagination and creativity. Il compare the top spread betting companies for 2021 Photo courtesy of Antonia SautterSince then, Il Ballo del Doge takes place every year in Venice at Carnival time. Every edition of the ball has a different “theme” along with its idiosyncratic costumes and outfits which come out from the never-ending dreamful inspiration of Antonia Sautter. The regular attendees wait annually with bated breath to hear what these fantastical themes or dreams will be.

Browse 52 il ballo del doge stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Her luxurious Il Ballo del Doge ball inspired me to have an important part of my screenplay Desperate Pursuit in Venice play around the Venice Carnival. This setting is ideal for the mood and storyline I set the characters in.


In Venice, Carnival first was held in the 11th century, died out during the 1700s and was revived in 1979. The score measures the authority of up to 20 most trusted backlinks. Backlinks are links from external websites to the business webpage.

A ‘must’ among the most exclusive social appointments in the world, that happens in Venice at Carnival time. For fantastic food, cultural hotspots and a delightfully laid-back atmosphere, add the Uruguayan capital to your bucket list. Check out @luxurytravel’s recent blog post on Ecuadorian sports vacations below ⬇️ An insightful read… To be greeted by a doorman in a green suit with a top hat and tails is the ultimate luxury hotel experience. I hope you will understand my surprise in reading your review, that evidences a disapproval for every detail, of the evening even of the location which is universally recognized as one of the most beautiful palaces on Venice’s Grand Canal if not the most prestigious.

Hand-embroidered lace ball gowns are meticulously matched to ribbons of venetian silk. Velvet waistcoats are paired with curly periwigs or silver-studded tricorne hats. On the night of the event, the Grand Canal of Venice is alive with colour and sparkle, as the flamboyant crowd makes their entrance. Once arrived, they can immediately immerse themselves in otherworldy splendor in an ambiance made of luxurious decorations. Sautter’s set designs are created specifically for every edition’s theme and feature seamless artistic spectacles with over a hundred performers, refined cuisine and drinks, music, dances, and entertainment until late in the night. Il binance is it down photo courtesy of Antonia SautterShowcase Opera and Events is a UK based ticket agency specialising in bookings of opera, ballet, classical music, high profile pageant events and various sporting events.

One of the most renowned events of the annual Carnival of Venice in Italy,IlBallo del Dogeis a masked ball without equal. The brainchild of Italian designer/producer Antonia Sautter,IlBallo del Dogeis held every year in the opulent Palazzo Pisani Moretta – a perfect setting for this amazing evening. This year’s event is calledIt’s All About Amore– with Eros, Romance, and Passion each taking over a floor of the famed Venetian palace.

In fact, Il icp broker has been described by Vanity Fair as “one of the most exclusive parties in the world.” Il Ballo del Doge celebrated his twenty-fifth edition on Saturday, February 10th, 2018 and, for the occasion, the event had even more resonance than ever. The edition has been titled “Rebirth & Celebration” the set designs, the shows, the menu and every moment of the event were dedicated to the theme of the constant renewal of rebirth and the celebration of emotions, creativity and passion.

Annual Venetian Masked Ball: Il Ballo Del Doge

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VENICE — To find the atelier of Antonia Sautter, a period costume designer and founder of one of Venice’s legendary Carnival balls, you alight at Saint Mark’s vaporetto station along the Grand Canal and follow a young man carrying a purple velvet heart. Since 1994, each year, the candles alight and the portals to the Ballo del Doge open to welcome the most sumptuous and exclusive Masquerade Ball of the Carnival of Venice. Il Ballo del Doge is an artistic event, a worldly appointment, an unforgettable experience that unites Guests coming from all corners of the earth. Antonia Sautter, a designer and successful entrepreneur of German and Italian descent is known for her costumes that recreate the elegance of the past ages of Italy’s history, from the 17th century up to the 1920s. Her passion for the creative arts, costume history, textiles and ancient techniques of tailoring has catapulted Sautter to become known as a distinguished Italian celebrity. For a glimpse of what to expect at this exclusive masquerade ball and dinner, please watch Il Ballo del Doge’s video here.

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Il Ballo del Doge® was born in Venice in 1994 and each year’s edition has a different theme that is inspired by childhood dreams of its designer, Antonia Sautter, fashion stylist and world famous luxury event planner. It is an extraordinary, once in a lifetime masquerade ball that brings Venice literally to life. Mystical decorations, seamless set designs and mesmerising lace ball gowns make Il Ballo del Doge the ultimate place to experience the elegant chaos of the Venice Carnival. Described by ABC Television as ‘’one of the ten things one must do in one’s lifetime’’, the event is much more than a social occasion; it is an immersive artistic experience, offering a temporary escape from the constraints of reality and a unique opportunity to live the extraordinary.

Choose between the entrance ticket to the party and the entrance ticket with dinner included, to live the entire experience. Powdery reflections of lilac and blue cast an enchanting illusion over the Grand Canal of Venice. Outside the Palazzo Pisani Moretta, whispers of anticipation hover above the water as anonymous eyes widen from behind glistening masks.

The food is absolutely terrible, and the only thing worse is the service. She impulsively offered to create the period ball that they wanted for the production, devising scores of costumes and inviting her friends to serve as extras. She first studied languages, then turned to fashion full time and at 23 was appointed chief executive of Venezia Moda, part of the “Made in Italy” distribution network. She eventually opened her atelier in Venice and created the label Fashion Venetia, which she still sells. This artistic spectacle includes a Grand Ball featuring a gala dinner and a gorgeous sensual show. The exclusive party is visited by Italy’s and the world’s high society.

Turn off your cellphones, breathe in the perfume and close your eyes, let yourself go to the best night of your life. On my first trip, as I passed wonderful old palaces along the Grand Canal, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be wonderful to someday go to a masked ball in one of the palaces on the canal. I read in the book 1000 Places to See Before you Die, that Carnivale or Carnival in Venice was on the list. It went on to say that one of the most wonderful balls open to everyone, unlike most that are private, is Il Ballo del Doge or Doge’s Ball. I decided to go and found nine fun friends to join me for the night of a lifetime.